A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

The game involes a operating system was released in 2015, it was released in 2017 in the itch.io website after the Stupit/OS movie came out on Vimeo, you can go on Fun Computer, The Internet and E-Mail, if click the Trash and click on Yes, your Dollarcard will get terminated and close the operating system, how stupid is that? anyways, this is the worst operating system and i made it.

Install instructions

Here's the sample if you want to install StupitOS

  1. Download the StupitOS Installation on your computer
  2. Click on the installation
  3. Click "Next" and follow the samples
  4. Click "Install" to install StupitOS
  5. If the installation is done, Click "Finish" to close the installation
  6. Go to the Start Menu, and find the StupitOS app
  7. If you want to remove it, just right-click and then delete the file.

Have Fun! and enjoy your product and game.


Stupit OS Installation.exe 6 MB

Development log